Temperature monitoring and Anti Counterfeiting Solutions for the Pharmaceutical supply chain

How it works

Seamless Temperature monitoring

AntTail’s seamless temperature monitoring safeguards product quality with a complete and auditable data record in the AntCloud. Our wireless sensors register temperature and are automatically read-out by Gateways or smartphone apps. From warehouses, shipping lanes or even patient homes the AntCloud distributes alert messages to designated persons providing the relevant information to all involved at the same time.

Transparent and connected Logistics

Gaining actual insight in the quality of goods, checking shipments and monitoring storage locations is a burden. AntTail provides transparent logistics with hassle free data collection and customized services from our AntCloud services. Every step and location in the supply chain is monitored and tracked. AntTail provides insight of cold chain performance and KPI’s to CFO’s and Logistic managers.

Thermal mapping for warehouses

Retrieving temperature data from data loggers and generating mapping reports in a compliant way involves a lot of skilled manual handling. AntTail has solved this problem with wireless sensors for storage facilities that can be combined in one or more groups to reflect different storage areas. Data collection and generation of the compliant mapping report is completely automated and available in minutes.

AntCloud explained

About us


In our years of helping Pharmaceutical companies with their internal audits, we got very frustrated by the fact that hardly any temperature monitoring solution provided the necessary answers for the industry. Based on the industry needs, we dreamed up the ideal solution and decided to actually build it. So here we are: AntTail


The pharmaceutical industry is the only focus of AntTail. We work with our customers to create value in the distribution of medicines. Getting the original (not counterfeit) products in good condition from the production facility to the patient is our vision. As we all know, the logistic chain in the pharmaceutical industry is long and complex.


As experienced and knowledgeable professionals we help design innovative solutions for our customers based the strengths of wireless capabilities of our sensors and flexibility of the back-office. Everything is securely hosted in the AntTail cloud. Local software, local storage and docking stations we do without.

Press release

Press release 12/03/2021

AntTail appoints distributors in United States, Australia and India

Smart sensors, secure cloud and special packaging safeguards medicine quality

AntTail, supplier of the award winning temperature monitoring solution for the pharmaceutical supply chain has appointed Asset Monitoring Solutions in the United States, Global Cold Chain Solutions for Australia and Malaysia as well as Thermal Packaging Company Pvt Ltd for India as distributors.

Mark Roemers, CEO of AntTail: “We are delighted with the industry response to our solution for a transparent supply chain. The pharmaceutical supply chain is in need of reliable, hassle free and GDP compliant monitoring solutions. By appointing distributors we can now offer our solutions and services to a wider audience. Both Asset Monitoring Solutions and Global Cold Chain are experienced in providing cold chain management solutions to manufacturers, logistic service providers and pharmacies.”

AntTail develops and delivers temperature monitoring solutions that cover the full supply chain, from manufacturer to the last mile. Smart data loggers and gateways, secure cloud portals and IoT Bluetooth technology provide insight and GDP-compliant reports. Easy handling for setting profiles and read outs ensure a smooth logistical process.


Leading the pharmaceutical industry towards a transparent supply chain


From factory to the last mile: a fully transparent logistic flow. Actual data, GDP-compliant reporting and alerts available all the way. Our sensors can store as much as 8 years of data 1.100.000 samples on a RAT and 210.000 samples on an ANT. Efficient and cost effective.

Box monitoring service.

AntTail ANT-sensors have 2 years of memory and a battery life of 18 months, can monitor a shipperbox all the way from a production facility to the last hub in the logistic chain. The sensor pushes data to the AntCloud back office as soon as it is in reach. No human interaction necessary.

Warehouse mapping.

AntTail sensors use a Bluetooth protocol to communicate to our AntCloud where sensor data is collected and the mapping report is generated. With the temperature data is in the AntCloud, generating a mapping report and signed data exports is a just few clicks away.

Monitoring with high grade sensors, easy to install, easy to read, seamless data collection. Check the specs.

Seamless monitoring

for temperature sensitive medication.

Seamless monitoring means no more blank spots in the supply chain. AntTail’s solution provides complete and auditable data records from the manufacturing facility to any end-point.

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Temperature mapping

made transparent and compliant.

Wireless sensors in storage facilities can be combined in groups to reflect different storage areas. Data collection report generation is completely automated and available in minutes.

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Virtual Vault

for Pharmaceutical supply chains.

A Virtual Vault combines a secure printed label with a unique QR-code with a sensor inside a shipper box which can detect (unplanned) opening of the box.

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White paper

Seamless monitoring for pharmaceutical cold chains.

Quality managers and Logistic managers can benefit from AntTail’s seamless temperature monitoring with complete data records of the shipment from the manufacturing to an endpoint.

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Automatische temperatuurbewaking voor apothekers.

Met GDP@Pharmacy van AntTail sla je twee vliegen in één klap: elke week automatisch de rapportage in je e-mail en alerts via SMS of e-mail.

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