AntTail introduces temperature-controlled solution for worldwide medicine shipments

Smart sensors, secure cloud and special packaging safeguards medicine quality

AntTail has developed a temperature monitoring solution for worldwide medicine shipments that require a constant temperature. The solution consists of Bluetooth temperature sensors that not only monitor temperature, but also detect if and when thermal boxes are opened and closed. These sensors store temperatures and the open/close events and sync data to the secure AntCloud by an app on smartphones or a dedicated Gateway. After scanning the box ID code, a shipment report is automatically emailed to the receiver of the box. At the same time, Logistic and Quality managers of the shippers can access these temperature reports from a secure connection within their customer portal.

Advanced implementation of Bluetooth technology and data collection
For the transport of medicines, a sensor is placed in the packaging. The sensor works immediately and monitors the temperature of the medication. The sensor is connected via Bluetooth to the secure AntCloud. Data is available via the portal or the AntTail App. The audit trail starts immediately. Connectivity is established via a gateway or the AntTail app and all data is then synchronized to the AntCloud. Alarm settings are incorporated and activated in the AntCloud. At the destination, the data is synced via the AntTail app. This prevents manual processes and reduces the risk of error. The sensors can be used multiple times for different alarm profiles which makes it convenient and cost efficient for transportations of medicines.
Explanation video AntTail: How It Works

Customer Case: va-Q-tec
Recently, AntTail has developed a special solution with va-Q-tec to add temperature visibility to its reusable thermal packaging solution. The comprehensive service solution called “va-Q- nection” supports va-Q-tec’s clients in GDP compliant monitoring of the entire temperature- controlled supply chain (TempChain). The innovation enables 100% visibility of TempChain in an easy to use and secure way. It consists of the permanently installed multi-use data logger within their smart boxes, the va-Q-nection App and va-Q-tec’s TempChain Service Software which give the shipper and the receiver access to the temperature and logistics data of the shipment regardless of their location.

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NOTE: About AntTail
AntTail designs, develops and delivers products and services to monitor and track the origin and temperature of medicines throughout the cold chain. AntTail cloud computing and SaaS based solutions help to ensure product quality and prevent counterfeiting. Pharmaceutical, transportation and logistics service providers, healthcare providers and retail outlets can follow shipments and deliveries, checking temperature every step of the way. AntTail works within existing cold chain quality procedures, eliminating the need for complex implementation and capital investments.