Enterprise solutions

Innovative temperature monitoring services tailored to your needs

To generate the maximum added value of the AntTail sensors, we offer the option to create an enterprise solution which contains either a customize web portal, dedicated mobile app and/or to integration with your back-office using customized API’s.  The temperature monitor service will be 100% fit for your own business needs.

AntTail Architecture

We can continuously update our services because in our architecture there is a clear distinction between harvesting and storage of temperature data on the one hand and user context data and presentation on the other. This architecture allows AntTail to easy adapt the context and presentation layer to the need of our users, while maintaining the security and compliance of AntTail sensor and data storage in the AntCloud.

AntTail’s presentation layer is built with the Mendix platform ( , which retrieves data from the AntCloud storage and adds context to the data. It interprets the data to provide users with multi-level actionable insights. Based on the Mendix platform AntTail can easily add new portals, new mobile apps and new API’s  to the AntCloud, which are customized for your operational needs. Check out Mendix project to get an idea of the power of our tools and our nomination for digital innovation of 2019 (App Inovation 2019 , in Dutch). 

Customer Cases

For several customers AntTail has already created this bespoke solution. The process is structured like a SCRUM project. The experienced AntTail team will work with your business, logistical and IT departments to deliver the maximum added value to your company.

Customer Case: va-Q-tec
Recently, AntTail has developed a special solution with va-Q-tec to add temperature visibility to its reusable thermal packaging solution. The comprehensive service solution called “va-Q-nection” supports va-Q-tec’s clients in GDP compliant monitoring of the entire temperature-controlled supply chain (TempChain). The innovation enables 100% visibility of TempChain in an easy to use and secure way. It consists of the permanently installed multi-use data logger within their smart boxes, the va-Q-nection App and va-Q-tec’s TempChain Service Software which give the shipper and the receiver access to the temperature and logistics data of the shipment regardless of their location.

Make sure to check out the stunning animation from va-Q-tec about their integrated solution.
Customer Case: Thermo King
“We, as Thermo King Transportkoeling B.V., use the AntTail system to validate the onboard sensors in the Truck and Trailers we service. AntTail customised their portal so we can use our Navision backoffice with the Temperature Loggers from AntTail. For our customers, such as the Pharmaceutical Logisitics Providers, this validation meets the required CFR21, part 11 regulations and can be audited if needed. The import function for csv’s from CargoWatch, DAS and even DataCold (Carrier) exports makes the system fast and easy to use."

David Doom – Thermo King Transportkoeling B.V.

About ‘THERMO KING TRANSPORTKOELING’ Thermo King pioneered transport temperature control in 1938 and has been world leader ever since. Today our solutions include temperature control systems for vans, trucks, trailers, railway trucks, air, sea-going and intermodal containers. All Thermo King products are backed by an extensive dealer network that provides expert, factory-trained service and a complete line of genuine and competitively priced parts. Thermo King Transportkoeling is the official dealer in the Netherlands. Our clients can rely on expert and flexible service from our 10 workshops, our 30 service vans and a fully fitted service truck. So one of our mechanics is always nearby. “
Customer Case: MSD (Merck)
MSD has developed CALM (Cold Chain Adherence Last-mile) in collaboration with physicians, pharmacists and health technologists. During the production, storage and transport of medicines, strict guidelines apply. But once drugs leave the pharmacy, there is no control over how they are stored at home.
In this last-mile program, an AntTail sensor continuously measures and records storage conditions and whether the package is opened. This ensures the correct conditions under which a drug is stored at home. In addition to the temperature, the sensor also registers whether the package has been opened and if so, when. If this does not happen at the right time, the patient automatically receives a reminder via the app to administer the medication. In this way, therapy compliance can be increased and the therapy may become more effective.
For hospital pharmacists, this means that they can help more rheumatoid arthritis patients with the optimal therapy. For pharmacists, the CALM solution offers greater security and control over preserving the quality of medication.

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