Seamless monitoring creates a transparent pharmaceutical cold chain

The Internet of Things: data completeness is vital to success

Our vision

According to AntTail’s vision quality managers, business analysts and logistic managers in the pharmaceutical industry can benefit significantly from seamless temperature monitoring every time when temperature sensitive medicines are shipped and stored. Seamless temperature monitoring safeguards the product quality as it provides a complete and auditable data record of the storages or shipment from the manufacturing facility to any end-point.

Our whitepaper describes AntTail’s vision on how better efficiency and insight can be achieved with wireless sensors and automatic data collection into a cloud based back office. The monitoring service in the back office automatically reports exceptions and send alarms to assigned stakeholders. The monitoring service also generates business overviews and shipments performance insight. This in its turn leads to business benefits such as lower transport cost and less waste. Furthermore, seamless monitoring gives insight into transport quality, delivery accuracy and can be used to authenticate the integrity of your shipments. If an anomaly is detected in the cold chain, timely reporting allows fact (data) based decisions that yield short response and/or correction times.

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