Pharmaceutical Monitoring Services

Safeguarding temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products from plant to patient

With an average of 18 hand overs, the pharmaceutical supply chain is long and complex. AntTail delivers temperature monitoring and reporting solutions that cover every step in the logistical process support quality control and anti-counterfeit measures, from pallet to shipper box, fridges and freezers.

When AntTail developed its solutions, 5 points were at the core of the design. To answer to the demands of both Quality Managers and Logistics Managers in the pharmaceutical industry the solutions should be:

  • Easy to install and read out: packaging labels can be read out with a smartphone
  • GDP compliant: full audit trails and reporting
  • Supporting temperature alerts and real time online reporting
  • Cloud based: data is online available in the secure AntCloud
  • Cost efficient: the ANT and ANTlux data loggers have a long life span and can be reused.

The result is a set of comprehensive solutions for cold chain temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

AntTail’s solutions:

  • Shipping portal for temperature sensitive shipments provides a complete report for each shipment and direct warnings when exceptions occur.
  • Seamless monitoring solutions for temperature sensitive medication provide a complete and auditable data record of the shipment from the manufacturing facility to any end-point. 
  • Temperature Mapping ensures safe and GDP/GMP compliant storage of medicines and vaccines. Data collection and mapping reports are completely automated and available in minutes.
  • Virtual Vault safeguards product authenticity with QR-code printed labels, connected to a sensor inside your shipper box. Easy to read out it saves time and effort and reduces human errors.