Seamless monitoring for temperature sensitive medication

A transparent supply chain for better product quality

AntTail develops solutions to support pharmaceutical logistics and quality management demands to keep medication at the right quality standards and protect authenticity. In 2018 AntTail has joined forces with Royal Joh. Enschedé, which focuses on the international market for High Security Print with products such as stamps and other secured printed products. Combining secure printing with state-of the art IoT technology, AntTail provides solutions for a transparent supply chain 

What is seamless monitoring?

It means no more blank spots in the supply chain. AntTail’s seamless temperature monitoring safeguards product quality as it provides a complete and auditable data record of the shipment from the manufacturing facility to any end-point. 

Why should I want it?

Because it improves quality, requires less human effort and hence saves money. Seamless monitoring provides more advanced alarm profiles on e.g. total time out of storage or stability budgets. Sophisticated alarm profiles allow better utilization of product stability data resulting in less product rejection (less false positives) during storage and transport. 

How does it save money?

By lowering transport costs and preventing waste, business benefits can be calculated quickly. Furthermore, seamless monitoring gives insight into transport quality, delivery accuracy and can be used to validate authentication and integrity of your shipments. If an anomaly is detected in the cold chain, timely reporting allows fact (data) based decisions that yield short response and/or correction times. 

What is AntTail’s vision?

AntTail’s vision is to create and deliver better efficiency and insight in the supply chain with wireless sensors and automatic data collection into a cloud based back office minimizing human effort. 

What is AntTail’s solution?

To achieve data completeness, AntTail sensors are wireless and are automatically read by gateways that are strategically placed at hubs, warehouses and destinations in the supply chain. Also, smartphone apps can be used to read the AntTail sensor at e.g. end-points and destinations where no gateways are installed. The AntCloud automatically reports exceptions and sends alarms to assigned stakeholders, like Quality Managers and logistic partners. The monitoring service generates business overviews and shipments performance insight. The service can be used on several shipment levels (pallet, shipping box, pack outbox, SKU, reefer) and in different kind of shipping lanes (internal, external, last mile). 

Where do I start?

You start by contacting us. We will provide you with the information you need to start your project and to make it successful in your supply chain. 

Automatic and Hassle free monitoring

How do you monitor shipper boxes? Not just one, but many boxes? For temperature excursions and integrity? Is your data complete over every hub in the supply chain? That’s a lot of questions. To see our answers click on the overview below.

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