Shipping portal
for temperature sensitive shipments

Easy, compliant and all data complete

Your pharamaceutical cold chains

  • Requires that quality of temperature sensitive products is maintained
  • Requires monitoring during each shipment and hand-over
  • Requires  a complete shipping report for each shipment
  • Requires direct warnings when exceptions occur

AntTail unlocks serious value for your high value cold chains, with:

Shipping Portal

Shipping Portal

Shipment data includes e.g. transport data (e.g. shipment bill number, departure and arrival times and location information), product quality data (alarm levels, delays) and shipment stakeholders (those who will get a report or warning).  This information is all included in the shipment report that is generated as proof of delivery.

How to start ?

Replacing your existing dataloggers and monitoring solutions with AntTail’s seamless monitor solution immediately delivers cost and quality benefits, even if only a part or single shipping lane is monitored.

You can immediately experience the advantages of the standard shipping portal and AntTail data collection by using a smart phone with the AntTail app.

The smartphone app reads out the sensor within the shipment wirelessly and sends all encrypted sensor data directly to the AntCloud, where it is stored and the alarm is evaluated. The result of the alarm evaluation is sent back to the smartphone directly. This ensures that all data is stored in the AntCloud when a smartphone is used to inspect a shipment.

How to start ?
Create shipment in AntTail app

Example: Create shipment in AntTail app

AntTail sensors can easily be re-used. At any time and location and as often as you like, the sensors can be activated and coupled to a new shipment. This encourages re-use and reduces unnecessary waste.

Example: Receive shipment in AntTail App

Receive shipment in AntTail App

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