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AntLogger App

The AntLogger app provides a complete temperature report including an audit trail for your shipments. The temperature data of the AntTail sensors is automatically synchronized with the AntCloud (AntTail’sback-office) every time a sensor is read-out with the AntLogger app. The AntLogger app e-mails the temperature report directly to all parties involved when a log is stopped.

The history list on the Mylogs page allows you to track any log that has been read-out before by your AntLogger app. Hence, results of read-outs by others and alarms can be followed remotely from within your own AntLogger app.

The AntLogger app can read-out 250 sensors simultaneously. It is designed for your business volume and growth. The AntLogger app is available on iOS and Android (

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Starterkit for AntLogger app

Track your temperature sensitive shipments and experience the advantages of the AntLogger app yourself with the ANT sensor in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add a sensor to your shipment,
  2. Start a log with the AntLogger app,
  3. Receive the shipment with the AntLogger app.

Everyone will get the temperature report at the same time by email.

With the starter kit that consists of 3 ANTs, an unlimited number of logs can be started and evaluated from the AntLogger app during the one-year (or more) battery life time of these 3 ANT sensors. 

ANT sensor

AntTail’s ANT sensor is typically used to monitor temperature in boxes, on pallets or in patient LAST-MILE operations. It is a multi-use sensor that can be used an unlimited number of times with different alarm profiles. Once the activation strip has been removed, the ANT sensor will record temperatures with a 5-minute interval and store these temperatures with a time stamp in its logging memory (200.000 datapoints) until the battery is empty. The ANT memory can be read out wirelessly by any AntLogger smartphone app.  The measurement range is -30 °C to + 65 °C and accuracy is ± 0.5 °C.

Starterkit offer

The starterkit offer includes:

  • one-year free use of AntLogger App
  • one-year storage of data on the AntCloud
  • 3 ANT sensors

Cost € 150.00  
ex VAT if applicable,
ex shipment.

Please contact AntTail at for more information or ordering.