AntLogger App

The AntTail Logger solution supports pharmaceutical companies in their need to prove that the logging of temperatures is compliant, read-out of loggers is done regularly and that temperature alarms are handled correctly and timely. Our AntLogger app provides a complete temperature report for each started log and an audit trail for each log. The Logger portal e-mails directly to all parties involved when a log is stopped or temperature alarm is detected. This is possible because the temperature data of the AntTail sensors is automatically synchronized with the AntCloud (AntTail back-office) whenever a sensor is read with the AntLogger app

What is AntTail’s solution?

AntTail sensors always measure temperature and store the data in their internal memory with a five-minute interval. AntTail sensors use a Bluetooth protocol to synchronize measurements to our AntCloud where all sensor data is collected. The sensors are read-out wirelessly and synchronized quickly and easily with the AntTail smartphone app.

All AntTail sensors are read out via bluetooth when in range of your mobile phone:
  • No need to scan sensor ID 
  • No need to open the box or fridge 
  • No need for close proximity of your phone near the sensor 
  • No need to pair the sensor(s) with your phone
AntTail Sensors
Logger display in AntLogger app

Display in AntLogger App

Why do AntTail sensors have no buttons and no display?

In the current practice far too often data or reports disappear or are sent too late because the data logger is not being read out after a quick inspection on the work floor (‘if it is green, it is okay – let’s go on with unloading‘). In this approach, there is no audit trail and it is often a lengthy and complicated process to get the data to the decision makers when an alarm or audit trail is required.

Instead, AntTail sensors are read out and controlled via the display in our AntLogger mobile app. Automatically, at the same time, this smartphone app reads the sensor data wirelessly and sends all encrypted sensor data directly to the AntCloud. This ensures that all data is stored in the AntCloud when the AntLogger app is used to inspect and configure a logger and that an audit trail is available. For the app user the advantage is that he/she does not have to open the shipment parcel and does not have to take manual actions to upload the data or sensor report.


AntTail sensors always measure temperature (Always-on). The start and stop time of a log and the alarm profile are configured from the AntLogger app. Hence no cumbersome setting or programming of alarm parameters and start time in the individual sensors itself is required.

Data in AntCloud provides transparency.

After each read-out of the sensor via the AntLogger app, all data is automatically synchronized with the AntCloud and all data is directly available for everybody that is involved with the activated logger. When excursions are detected, alarms and supporting data are sent automatically to the assigned e-mail address of e.g. quality managers. This timely and complete reporting allows fact (data) based decisions that yield short response and/or correction times.

The automatic synchronization to the AntCloud makes it possible to track any log that has been read-out before by your app: results of read outs by others and alarms can be followed remotely after a first read-out by your app

AntTail Solution Components
MyLog page in AntLogger app

AntTail App and Sensor Connection

From the AntTail app, there are 3 ways to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to an AntTail sensor on which a log is started.

  • Scan page: Scan the barcode of the sensor or scan a box label in order to connect. If the log of the scanned sensor is pin protected, the first time a connection is made the correct pin code needs to be entered.
  • Nearby page: AntLogger app will automatically search and display your company sensors within BLE communication range.
  • Mylogs page: Shows the list of logs that the AntLogger app has been connected to before. Via this history list a new connection to a sensor can be made when the sensor is within communication range. However, this list can also be used to track a log when the sensor is read-out by others. The MyLogs list always shows the last status of all logs that have been scanned by the app user.

From these 3 pages in the AntLogger app a connection with the sensor can be made and thereafter the actual log status is shown on the “logger display” in the AntLogger App.

Log Report

At any time, a user can generate a log report with all relevant information about temperatures, alarms and an audit trail of all log handlings. This two-page PDF report is mailed directly to 3 different e-mail addresses and contains:

  1. The actual log status and log configuration used. Configuration includes start and stop time and alarm settings.
  2. A temperature data summary, including max and minimum temperatures, average temperature and Mean Kinetic Temperature.
  3. A temperature zone table and Temperature graph. The table shows how temperature samples are dived over the different temperature (alarm) zones.
  4. A list of alarm events, including their duration and maximum deviation during the log interval.
  5. An audit trail showing who and when read-out the log.

All log reports can be found in the Logger portal too where additional temperature analysis is possible. The recorded times in the log report are given in UTC-0 and in the local time of Users that start and stops the logger.

When the logging is stopped, the AntTail sensors can easily be re-used. The log data is already stored permanently in the AntCloud, so at any time and location and as often as you like, a new log can be activated for the same sensor. This encourages re-use of sensors and reduces unnecessary waste. A new log can be configured easily and direct from the app.

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