Thermal Mapping made transparent, traceable and compliant

Automate your GMP/GDP compliant mapping report generation

Mapping with AntTail Sensors

Retrieving temperature data from all data loggers used during mapping and generating the mapping reports in a compliant way involves a lot of skilled manual handling. It is very time consuming and costly.

AntTail has solved this problem for you. Wireless sensors that are placed in your storage facility can be combined in one or more groups to reflect different storage areas. Data collection and generation of the compliant mapping report is completely automated and available in minutes.

Mapping with AntTail Sensors
Mapping of your Cooler, Freezer, Storage room, truck or cold store warehouse

Wireless Data Collection

Big advantage of using wireless sensors is that you can leave them in place and still have the data and generate mapping reports. The AntTail sensors use a Bluetooth protocol to communicate to our AntCloud where all sensor data is collected and the mapping report is generated. You can choose for on-line or off-line monitoring. You can follow your storage area temperatures directly online in the AntCloud portal. For on-line connection you need one or more gateways depending on the layout and size of the storage areas. For off-line use the sensors can be synced quickly and easily to the AntCloud by a smartphone using our AntTail App.

Efficient Mapping process

AntTail’s mapping service with easy read out of sensors and fast, automated report generation allows for an efficient and iterative mapping process during your storage qualification. If the first mapping result is not compliant during e.g. IQ, no need to re-install all the sensors. Adjust your heating/cooling equipment and go for a second run, or a third or use all the sensors to get the cooling and heating equipment adjusted to the correct settings.

Sensors can also be left in place after OQ/PQ for summer and winter mapping or continuous mapping.

Mapping report for WHO example

Generating a Mapping report

When the temperature data is in the AntCloud, generating a mapping report and signed data exports is a just few clicks away. You choose the time period and the temperature limits you want to use and press GO. A few seconds later the email is dropped in your inbox with the generated mapping report and secured data exports in one .zip file.
The report is complete and generated according to the WHO standards. No need to consolidate data over all sensors. Direct result for a group of mapping sensors

Typical location of data loggers in a pallet racking storage area
Example taken from WHO: Temperature mapping of storage areas

Convert Mapping in to Monitoring

After the mapping has been completed, the Cold and Hot spot sensors can be converted to on-line monitoring sensors with an alarm profile and notification settings. This requires a license fee from AntTail but the sensors can stay in place and perform in the new role as required.

Consultancy and Rental option

AntTail can help you determine the location and the number of sensors according to the WHO regulations. Send us your questions and we get in touch with you. For mapping, AntTail also provide a rental option for sensors with calibration certificates. For further information please get in touch with AntTail at


Pharma Project Manager
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Pharma Project Manager, responsible for realization of new cold store that required over 250 sensors for mapping: " Which for me has a great added value of the AntTail system, that you can perform qualifying runs as often as you want, without having to remove the sensors and download them. And that you have a real-time image of your mapping, which is also very useful for adjustment.'
User of Mapping portal
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Your portal was very clear and well constructed. Without having much expierence with temperature mapping, I could easily generate the report of our storage room

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