Virtual Vault for your Pharmaceutical supply chain

Pharma counterfeiting

Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting: A Global Threat

Product counterfeiting is more prevalent than it has ever been. While counterfeit apparel and luxury accessories, such as fake Rolex watches, may be the first products that come to mind, the pharmaceutical industry is equally hard hit by counterfeit producers. According to a 2017 report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the counterfeit drug market earns between $163 billion to $217 billion per year, making it one of the most lucrative types of illegally-copied goods.

Michigan State University

A pill to kill: Tackling pharma counterfeiting

Pharmaceutical counterfeiting—which has seen a rise due to the pandemic—poses a threat to economies worldwide and endangers the lives of many in need. Sound legal measures and their strong enforcement, good use of technology and securing IP systems and distribution networks are crucial steps which must be taken immediately to counter this crime.


Safeguarding product authenticity and quality for your customers

AntTail develops solutions to support pharmaceutical logistics and quality management demands to keep medication at the right quality standards and protect authenticity. In 2018 AntTail has joined forces with Royal Joh. Enschedé, which focuses on the international market for High Security Print with products such as stamps and other secured printed products. Combining secure printing with state-of the art IoT technology, AntTail provides solutions for a transparent supply chain. 

What is a Virtual Vault?

It is a combination of a secure printed label with a unique QR-code, connected to a sensor inside your shipper box. The sensor detects changes of the light inside the box and can detect (unplanned) opening of the box. 

Why should I want one?

Because it helps to identify problems in your logistics chain concerning counterfeit, theft and quality. It saves time and effort and because it reduces human intervention, the number of errors decreases dramatically. This makes a great business case where the numbers speak for itself. 

What problems does it solve?

Pharmaceutical supply chains are long, fragmented and vulnerable to falsification and temperature variation. The EU legislation for serialization is only mandatory for patient packaging. You need to guarantee the quality and authenticity of each shipperbox at any point in the supply chain, without opening the shipper box. 

What technology does a Virtual Vault use?

The Royal Joh. Enschedé security printing technology for the labels is the same as used for banknotes. Very high-density printing and security features that cannot be copied or reproduced. Unique QR-codes are issued per vendor. Every issued QR-code is stored in our secure Cloud and can be retrieved anytime, anywhere to check if it matches the shipment. 
Every sensor is white-listed per serial number. All sensor communication is Bluetooth and encrypted. Traffic from gateways to our secure Cloud is encrypted and runs over a private APN. Our sensor and AntCloud are fully CFR 21 part 11 compliant. 

What else does it measure?

The sensor measures and stores temperature every 5 minutes to comply to GDP regulations. The sensor is capable of storing 2 years of data. When a sensor read is done, all temperature data is sent to the AntCloud and is checked against the alarm profile that was activated for this box. 

Where do I start?

You start by contacting us. We will provide you with the information you need to start your project and to make it successful in your supply chain. 

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